Care homes are bringing in Virtual Reality adventures for their residents!

5th October 2017

The residents at Balhousie care group in Methil are having a variety of experiences without even leaving the comfort of their favourite seat!
The IT manager with this care group said technology can do more than just send people on virtual holiday experiences.

They are always looking at ways enhancing the resident’s lives using technology it opens up opportunity, particularly for those who have less mobility for social inclusion, interaction and experiences.

The virtual reality can take them back to places they know or unfamiliar places they haven’t been to before and virtual cinema which gives the residents the impression they are in the cinema!

The virtual reality headset may not be suitable for all residents but for others it will definitely provide alternative support for mental and physical stimulation, essential for resident well being.

This software opens opportunities to residents like never before! Thanks to recent technology there’s a whole, Virtual, world out there for people to explore.

Bringing virtual reality into care homes is great, i previously have seen residents myself using virtual reality and they was so happy and very interested, it was like they was walking down there old street’s where they used to live. brings back memories and helps them to remember certain areas and people! they didn’t want to take the headset off! great idea i think all care home’s should bring this experience in!

Virtual reality resident