Babylon health the UK’s leading digital health provider!

16th November 2017

With technology becoming as accessible as it is today, wouldn’t it be great to put this to a great use? Well guess what, you now can! With the work of a small vibrant company called Babylon located in Chelsea have come up with an application that allows the consumer to access a doctor in minutes!

Getting healthcare shouldn’t be difficult. For many of us getting access to healthcare can be inconvenient, Babylon health combines the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of the best doctors to make healthcare simpler, better, and more accessible for everyone.

Babylon sends prescriptions to your front door, office or local pharmacy, It also lets you track test results, activity levels and health information. You can dial a doctor very quickly. GP appointments are available 24/7 and can easily be arranged from your phone and tablet. You can even chat to an adviser online for advice if you are feeling unwell.

Finally something that is as simple as it should be, type in why you’re ill and it comes back in real time of a probability of your symptom! If the data behind your symptom is urgent then you’ll be speaking to Dr within seconds! Of course there is a lot of graft behind this beautiful piece of tech, for instance one of the best data science teams working on one of the largest medical data sets ever known to mankind!!!

There are many features on this app for instance, if you need reminding of what you was told and what was said during your appointment you can replay and listen back your appointment via the app on your phone and they can also video chat with you which then you can show them things such as skin rash, swollen areas etc.. And can also perform simple checks such as feeling glands on your neck.

The Babylon health service is free to anyone who registers with Babylon as their NHS GP Practice.