Skin doctors reveal the secret cure for sunburn!

8th May 2018

Skin doctors reveal the secret cure for sunburn that’s probably already in your fridge.

It was the hottest May Day Bank Holiday on record with millions flocking to parks as temperatures got up to 28C.

But in true Brit-style the “lobster look” is debuting today as people return to work sun burnt.

Anyone nursing bright red skin today must be looking for a quick cure to take the edge of the sharp pain – and I’m sure the answer is in your fridge already.

Cold milk is the answer to soothing your sunburn pain, according to New York dermatologist Dr Joshua Zeichner.

Sunburn is damage to the skin caused by UV rays and greatly increases your risk of skin cancer, Your skin will become red, inflamed, sore and hot to touch and In extreme cases it might blister and peel which can be extremely painful.

But a cold compress of milk will help cool the pain and heal the skin. A milk compress can help calm inflamed skin as well, as proteins in the milk coat and soothe the skin. Milk contains vitamins A and D, amino acids, lactic acid, fats and whey and casein proteins.

The NHS website says you should contact your GP, attend an NHS walk-in centre, or call NHS 111 for advice if you feel unwell or have any concerns about your sunburn, particularly if you are burnt over a large area or have any of the more severe symptoms listed below:

*blistering or swelling of the skin.


*a high temperature (fever) of 38C or above, or 37.5C or above in children under five.

*dizziness, headaches and feeling sick (symptoms of heat exhaustion).