Double robot surgery carried out at The Royal Marsden Hospital

18th April 2018

A cancer patient is recovering at home after being operated on in two areas at the same time in a rare procedure using a robot.

Surgeons at the Royal Marsden Hospital sat on opposite sides of the da Vinci Xi robotic console to perform a hysterectomy on 63-year-old Christine Lockton, as well as removing part of her colon and was able to return home just days after the procedure, which was less invasive than an open surgery.

The technology allowed them to see the areas they were operating on in closer detail by using magnified 3D images, and with its three arms maximizes surgical precision.

Surgeons at The Royal Marsden Hospital is not the only ones using robots during procedures. In January 2018, robotic surgeons have been put into use at Barts Health NHS trust.

There are a number of benefits of this minimally invasive procedure, patients lose less blood, experience less pain, recover quicker, and leave hospital sooner.

The Royal Marsden Hospital has the largest programme of robotic surgery for cancer in the UK and the technology is particularly useful to access hard-to-reach tumours.