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Here at TNA we believe in choice. You choose when you work, you choose where you work and with TNA, you can even choose your uniform. As soon as you finish your registration we’ll let you pick, we’ll even pay for it.

Here are the most popular options, however if you would like something different let us know. We’ll send you the full range of options.



Here are our top 3 nursing tunics, you can have any colour you like so long as it’s Navy.

Uniform - MH66 - Navy-White   Uniform - MH18 - Navy-White  Uniform - MH68 - Navy-White (princess line)

If you would prefer a Scrub top or a dress, this can be arranged. Let us know.

Health Care Assistants

Here are our top 3 HCA tunics, you also get to choose from a wide range of colours. Well, actually they are all purple.

Uniform - MH66 - Purple-White   Uniform - MH18 - Purple-White  Uniform - MH68 - Purple-White (princess line)

We can also provide scrubs or dresses if you prefer.


Slightly less options for you Gents. In fact, only one. But then, if you’re anything like us you probably didn’t want to make a decision anyway!

Health Care Assistants

Male Uniform - Purple-White


Male Uniform - Navy-White

If you want one of these beautiful uniforms, register today! Click here.

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