NHS staff walking miles in snow and sleeping in hospitals to care for patients during Storm Emma

8th March 2018

NHS Staff walked miles in the snow, sleeping in hospitals to ensure they can continue caring for patients during Storm Emma.

As the UK is gripped by freezing temperatures and deadly blizzard conditions, NHS workers remain incredibly dedicated to keeping everyone safe despite the burden of treacherous weather.

Despite the freezing conditions, healthcare staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that there is minimal disruption to patient care and that they are able to continue to treat those who need it the most.

Some staff have even worked longer hours to allow their colleagues extra time to travel to work

The trust is also supporting those who live in some of the more adversely affected areas, by using 4×4 vehicles to collect staff who are unable to access transport and offering overnight accommodation to key clinical staff who would otherwise struggle to get home.

The armed forced also worked overtime during the storm to get staff too and from Hospitals/Clinics.

The armed forces assisted emergency services in ensuring essential NHS staff were able to get to work and carry out their work in local communities and stood by to help the police and civil authorities across the UK following heavy snowfall.