NHS launches cancer ‘one-stop shops’ to speed up diagnoses!

6th April 2018

Rapid cancer diagnosis centers to be introduced at 10 NHS hospitals

New rapid diagnostic and assessment centers for cancer are being set up in England to try catch and diagnose the disease more quickly.

“one-stop shops” will be piloted in 10 NHS hospitals in England and make it possible for patients displaying symptoms of cancer to be assessed and diagnosed in as little as a day, rather than having to wait several weeks or months.

The ten centres will operate in North Middlesex, London, Southend, Romford, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Manchester, Oldham and Oxford.

Each of the centers will operate in different ways, all have been set up to diagnose cancers early in people who do not have so-called ‘alarm symptoms’ for a specific type of cancer.

Now, clinicians will be able to refer patients to the new, rapid assessment centers where all tests can be performed under one roof, NHS England said.

Those diagnosed with cancer will then be referred to specialists, while patients displaying benign conditions will receive appropriate treatment and advice about prevention.

The NHS recently adopted new MRI technology that enables men with suspected prostate cancer to have a scan, receive their results and have any necessary biopsy in a day, rather than over multiple outpatient visits spanning several weeks.