28 NOV

Digital Technology to help prevent Diabetes!

A NEW pilot scheme aimed at preventing diabetes through using digital technology is to be trialled in East Lancashire. Read More

16 NOV

Babylon health the UK’s leading digital health provider!

With technology becoming as accessible as it is today, wouldn’t it be great to put this to a great use? Well guess what, you now can! With the work of a small vibrant company called Babylon located in Chelsea have come up with an application that allows the consumer to access a doctor in minutes! Read More

14 NOV

Virtual Reality is taking it up a notch by helping Medical Training and Treatment!

Surgical Training in Virtual Reality

Shafi Ahmed, co-founder of Virtual Medics and Medical Realities said he wants to be able to train thousands of surgeons at the same time using virtual reality. Read More

10 NOV

200 new nurses have started work at Nottingham hospitals in the last few weeks!

Newly graduated staff have joined experienced teams at Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital after completing their training, they are a mix of home-grown talent and others from other parts of the UK who are attracted to Nottingham’s reputation for nursing and care. Read More

10 OCT

King George hospital staff bring in the new iPad system making patient care more safe and efficient!

Hospital staff at King George Hospital are now using iPads to record patient data instead of paper charts to record and monitor patient’s well-being.

Read More

05 OCT

Care homes are bringing in Virtual Reality adventures for their residents!

The residents at Balhousie care group in Methil are having a variety of experiences without even leaving the comfort of their favourite seat! Read More

28 SEP

Is Worcester university one of the best universities to study nursing? With its popularity and what they have to offer?


Midwifery degree student university of surrey

The nursing students starting at Worcester university will be helping patients in hospitals, GP Surgeries and Clinics across the region.

With 207 Students starting their nursing studies this month as well as 27 midwifery students this is the largest number of nursing students ever.

At the beginning of this year the cap on the amount of nursing and midwifery students which universities could accept was lifted by the government.

During their course at Worcester university they will be working in hospitals and other healthcare settings and after passing all their assignments, the students will then gain a place as a registered nurse with the nursing midwifery council.

The graduate employment rate for Worcester nurses is one of the best in the country at almost 100%

In my opinion I believe this university would be a great idea for anyone looking to take up nursing as not every university make it as part of the course to work in different healthcare settings, I think this is a great way for students to understand how nurses work and the environment and get used to the nurse’s way of work and think they should make this a part of every nursing course.

What’s everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this?

14 JUN

Delivering top Service to Medical Professionals


For medical professionals starting out in a new role, feeling confident and supported is absolutely paramount. Whether taking on shift work or entering in to full-time employment, it is vital that there is a clear structure to work to at all times. At TNA medical we understand the importance of providing a full support system, so that our staff feel assured in their roles and can carry out their work to the best of their ability.

Having worked with medical professionals and organisations for a number of years now, we know that efficiency and precision is key to an effective working environment. We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to agency work so we ensure that our medical staff are given the shifts that work for them, and never mess around with timings.

We offer guidance in all areas of the medical world and make our nurses the top priority. Each person employed through TNA medical is provided with a one on one consultant who will be there every step of the way, from first point of contact right through to the end of the contract. We always provide our staff with all the information they need before they enter into a new role and make them aware of any changes happening in the medical world.

TNA are dedicated to matching the right person, with the right skills, to the right roles every time, maintaining the highest standard and service throughout.

14 JUN

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week a number of organisations, influential individuals and medical services have come together to shed light on the issue of mental health, to support those suffering with the illness and to help break down the stigma attached to it. With the theme of ‘thriving or surviving’ it calls for greater awareness of the issue and hopes to highlight how to spot whether someone you know is struggling with their mental health.

Around 1 in 4 people now experience negative mental health issues at some point in their life and it is becoming increasingly prominent in both males and females of all ages within the UK. Recent surveys found that many people still do not understand or appreciate the problems of mental health and believe that the number one cause of the illness is lack of willpower. This week aims to alter the perceptions on mental health, shed light on the real issues and change the culture surrounding it.

Fortunately, greater awareness is now being raised with campaigns taking to social media and in the news. Stronger measures are in place to help support those in need, by encouraging them to seek help and raising awareness in others. The campaign hopes to drive the UK to become a thriving nation and promote positive mental health.

Doctors and nurses of all levels are essential for providing the necessary support for those suffering with mental health and play a critical role in offering advice and awareness about the issue within the UK.


11 MAY

Where will the NHS Stand in June’s Election?


The snap election called by Theresa May last week is likely to be a turning point for the NHS as attention steers towards how the crisis will be handled by the future government.

The Prime Ministers decision to call the election was influenced by the need to create a more stable and durable government for Britain in light of the changes that it will face in the coming years. A victory for the Conservative party would give Ms May longer in power, with a solid foundation on which to take the country forward.

Whilst Brexit agreements will be at the top of the list for politicians in lead up to June, the NHS will also play an extremely important part in the result. The government has received constant pressure from the Labour party about its handling of the NHS crisis, with Corbyn consistently questioning the decisions made by the current health secretary.

With the NHS at breaking point from increasingly higher demand and ever-dwindling resources, it is more important than ever that the UK health service takes a central role in the election process.