21 FEB

Students accepted into NHS Digital Academy!

The first students of the NHS Digital Academy have been chosen! Read More

20 FEB

New and improved mobile cancer care unit!

Salisbury’s mobile chemotherapy unit has had a big makeover.

The state-of-the-art vehicle, based at our district hospital, has been upgraded with the latest equipment thanks to the charity Hope for Tomorrow.

Read More

15 FEB

Mixed Reality headset being used on patients before their operations!

Surgeons at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are using Microsoft’s “mixed reality” headset to look inside patients before they operate on them, in an effort to make procedures safer and more time-efficient. Read More

13 FEB

Public Health England releases collection of health apps for mobile!

Public Health England has released a number of apps for your mobile and tablets to help tackle problems like smoking and obesity. Read More

08 FEB

Health care staff being recognised and rewarded!

Outstanding nurses and midwives could be in the running for new awards launched today to mark 70 years of the NHS. Read More

01 FEB

Thanks to new technology doctors can reverse stroke damage hours later!

Once a stroke happens the sooner you get to the hospital the better, but new studies and new technology are allowing doctors to treat the stroke six to 16 hours after it happens, with the possibility of up to 24 hours. Read More

31 JAN

NHS and Microsoft Partner up for detection service against cyber attacks!

Microsoft will help NHS Digital protect healthcare organisations from cyber-attacks through a new partnership which makes use of the software giant’s Threat Detection Service. Read More

30 JAN

Apple tech has launched new Health app!

Smartphone giant Apple has launched a new feature on its health app allowing customers to see their medical records on their iPhone. Read More

24 JAN

Bupa has partnered up with HealthTap to develop new healthcare solutions!

The health insurance and private healthcare company hopes to offer a “game changing combination of digital and in-person healthcare” by joining forces with US-based digital health technology business, HealthTap. Read More

23 JAN

Further education and apprenticeships to create new opportunities in Healthcare

Nursing apprenticeships are to be offered by nine further universities in England from September 2018, following a national funding announcement. Read More