With the help of Technology there will be no more language barriers!

19th January 2018

Communication is really important in healthcare to ensure each patient receives proper care and treatment, Technology is here to help that with no more language barriers

All the staff at Morristown Hamblen Healthcare System (MHHS) aim to make each interaction with patients clear, concise, informative and inviting.

MHHS is now more equipped than ever to help the needs of patients with limited English proficiency. Utilizing a new state of the art Stratus interpretation technology, patients and family from around the world can get excellent care without having to worry about language barriers.

This technology is now located throughout the hospital to provide interpretation services to those who need it. A video connection with a interpreter is available to help with communication to and from the patient.

With over 200 languages, patients and their family can easily communicate their needs in all areas of the hospital which is similar to apples Facetime.

This brand new technology can also assist deaf patients by offering American Sign Language video interpretation. Other languages accompanied by video interpretation include Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

Stratus systems are transportable and easy to use.

Being able to speak in their primary language is important to provide safe and effective care. This also helps doctors and nurses receive an accurate medical history and offer clear communication back to the patient regarding their plan of care.

This technology helps communicate important information for example pain levels, medication orders, diagnosis, education and treatment plans. An interactive feature of the system allows the interpreter to write on the screen to the patient in their primary language, further clarifying any complicated information.