King George hospital staff bring in the new iPad system making patient care more safe and efficient!

10th October 2017

Hospital staff at King George Hospital are now using iPads to record patient data instead of paper charts to record and monitor patient’s well-being.

Nurses and doctors drastically save time by having all patients notes stored on a handheld device such as iPod’s and iPad’s and the results have been promising that from Monday the system will be rolled out to BHRUT’s largest hospital, Queen’s in Romford.

Health care assistants in the hospital say it’s so much easier and should have been put on the ward’s before.

When having the paper charts Hospital staff had to go to each patient spending time looking for their details and now it’s all on one device which makes it a lot easier.

This allows Health workers to spend more time looking after their patients instead of tracking down and filing paperwork.

This new System also makes it easier to allocate patients to beds with a grading system that prioritises those in need of more in-depth treatment and will also help staff discharge patients whose recovery is complete as all information is logged into this one device.

Now all patient’s checks can all be done and filed in a quarter of the time.

If bringing in the new iPad system is as beneficial as the healthcare staff say I believe it would be a great idea to bring this into most hospitals. Making it easier for the staff and giving staff more time to do other things and have more time to spend with patients. And giving each health care staff plenty of training on using the device as its easier for apple users to get used to this new system but others may take time so giving plenty of training is also great.