Interested in working in healthcare? Get your apprenticeship now!

14th March 2018

The health and care sectors offer a wide range of apprenticeships spanning careers such as nursing, working in a pharmacy, dental nursing, healthcare technician or clinical healthcare support worker.

Then there are social care apprenticeships – which involve learning to care for adults with learning disabilities, autism, dementia, or drug dependency, or working with homeless people or those at the end of their life.

Apprenticeships in the National Health Service (NHS) have been given a boost with a new government target that public bodies should have 2.3% of their workforce on apprenticeships.

There is also a new nursing degree apprenticeship so nurses can qualify while earning a wage.

Sandwell and Birmingham hospital trust already takes on apprentices in a range of roles, from nursing and theatre assistants to medical engineering and business administration.

An apprenticeship gives them a taste of what the NHS is all about. A lot of young people are aspiring to be nurses and they don’t want to go straight down the university route. Coming in as an apprentice healthcare support worker or healthcare assistant gives them that live experience out on the wards, working with patients.