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Client Testimonials

TNA Medical have been providing this Trust with agency staff since 27th February 2015. Their productivity has increased quarter on quarter and their performance as a stand alone agency is better than our current Master Vendor which provides staff from itself plus 11 other agencies.

Over the past 12 months TNA Medical have increased their activity each quarter from providing under a quarter of staff in filled shifts in the first quarter to currently providing staff for over half of the filled shifts.

All of the TNA Medical consultants have a positive and proactive attitude to work and all requests for staff are dealt with promptly usually by return of email. As an agency they have an open and effective working relationship with this office with excellent communication skills.

It has been our experience that TNA Medical have a good working relationship with their own staff and we have found their agency staff to be reliable with good time keeping and punctuality.


Nursebank, NHS Trust

TNA Medical have supplied a great number of workers to us through a number of NHS contracts that we hold. Their workers are always compliant (to the CCS framework standards) and have worked professionally at all times within these Trusts.

TNA Medical are extremely professional as an agency- to us the client; and follow all processes that we ask them to adhere to. They always go the ‘extra mile’ to help us with staffing requests and feedback to us to inform us of their findings either way.

I would not hesitate to recommend TNA Medical to other frameworks or Trusts as a compliant, high quality, multi skilled agency.


Regional Account Manager, Neutral Vendor

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