14 Jun

Delivering top Service to Medical Professionals


For medical professionals starting out in a new role, feeling confident and supported is absolutely paramount. Whether taking on shift work or entering in to full-time employment, it is vital that there is a clear structure to work to at all times. At TNA medical we understand the importance of providing a full support system, so that our staff feel assured in their roles and can carry out their work to the best of their ability.

Having worked with medical professionals and organisations for a number of years now, we know that efficiency and precision is key to an effective working environment. We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to agency work so we ensure that our medical staff are given the shifts that work for them, and never mess around with timings.

We offer guidance in all areas of the medical world and make our nurses the top priority. Each person employed through TNA medical is provided with a one on one consultant who will be there every step of the way, from first point of contact right through to the end of the contract. We always provide our staff with all the information they need before they enter into a new role and make them aware of any changes happening in the medical world.

TNA are dedicated to matching the right person, with the right skills, to the right roles every time, maintaining the highest standard and service throughout.

14 Jun

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week a number of organisations, influential individuals and medical services have come together to shed light on the issue of mental health, to support those suffering with the illness and to help break down the stigma attached to it. With the theme of ‘thriving or surviving’ it calls for greater awareness of the issue and hopes to highlight how to spot whether someone you know is struggling with their mental health.

Around 1 in 4 people now experience negative mental health issues at some point in their life and it is becoming increasingly prominent in both males and females of all ages within the UK. Recent surveys found that many people still do not understand or appreciate the problems of mental health and believe that the number one cause of the illness is lack of willpower. This week aims to alter the perceptions on mental health, shed light on the real issues and change the culture surrounding it.

Fortunately, greater awareness is now being raised with campaigns taking to social media and in the news. Stronger measures are in place to help support those in need, by encouraging them to seek help and raising awareness in others. The campaign hopes to drive the UK to become a thriving nation and promote positive mental health.

Doctors and nurses of all levels are essential for providing the necessary support for those suffering with mental health and play a critical role in offering advice and awareness about the issue within the UK.


11 May

Where will the NHS Stand in June’s Election?


The snap election called by Theresa May last week is likely to be a turning point for the NHS as attention steers towards how the crisis will be handled by the future government.

The Prime Ministers decision to call the election was influenced by the need to create a more stable and durable government for Britain in light of the changes that it will face in the coming years. A victory for the Conservative party would give Ms May longer in power, with a solid foundation on which to take the country forward.

Whilst Brexit agreements will be at the top of the list for politicians in lead up to June, the NHS will also play an extremely important part in the result. The government has received constant pressure from the Labour party about its handling of the NHS crisis, with Corbyn consistently questioning the decisions made by the current health secretary.

With the NHS at breaking point from increasingly higher demand and ever-dwindling resources, it is more important than ever that the UK health service takes a central role in the election process.

11 May

Nurses consider strike action


A recent announcement concerning nurses pay, along with pay freezes and caps on pay rises since 2010 has led the RCN to take a vote on whether nurses should take strike action this year. The latest review of public sector pay announced a 1% rise, leading to complaints that nurses are being taken for granted.

This news comes as nursing shortages hit UK hospitals following brexit and increased fees for nursing students. It is likely that these figures will work to further damage nursing recruitment, as more individuals leave the profession in the UK.

Officials are attacking the review, stating that nurses should not be paying for the deficit out of their own wages, as well as shedding light on the fact that these pay cuts cause significant demoralisation and stress for nurses working within the NHS.

Nurses are essential within the health care industry and a shortage will lead to worsened patient care and reduced efficiency within hospitals. Flexible working hours, increased training and elevated support for nurses is absolutely essential to protect nurses and their positions within the NHS.

The poll of RCN members will end on May 7, with results announced at the union’s annual conference later in the month.


05 May

TNA supports nurses through IR35


Understanding the rules and regulations attached to contract work is not always an easy task, so at TNA we offer our nurses full support on everything they need to know about personal finances and government legislation to keep them up to speed and fully prepared.

The IR35 is a legislation that all contract or agency workers in the NHS need to comply with. It applies to any contract worker who gains employment through an agency or intermediary and sets out a number of rules affecting tax and national insurance contribution.

All TNA consultants are experienced in managing the IR35 legislation; in fact we probably know the rules better than your accountant, and we provide support and advice to all our nurses throughout their contract. We also offer support in other areas of personal finance, by providing solid PAYE options and HMRC Compliance. We cater to all payment options including PSC/Limited Company payments that are HMRC compliant, as well as allowing Umbrella payments at our candidates request.

We are a multi-framework agency and offer this level of service to our clients UK-wide. Each of our candidates receives one on one support from a dedicated consultant who will cater to their every need and ensure they are fully up to date with the latest regulations for their contracted work. If you are unsure about the legislation surrounding IR35 or need advice on how comply, our dedicated consultants are on hand to guide you through.

Supporting our nurses through these important steps in their work is extremely important to us; that’s why we like to see ourselves as the ‘nice agency’. We are open and honest with all of our nurses about what is required from them and what they need to know about the industry, and we always put our nurses needs first to ensure they feel happy and confident in their positions.

05 May

On-going Support for TNA Nurses


At this tumultuous time in the NHS, one thing is certain; the healthcare industry is in desperate need of talented professionals to provide excellent levels of care for patients.

We support our nurses from the first point of contact to ensure that they are able to fulfil their positions and provide a high level of care. Each candidate is allocated a specialist consultant who gives their full attention to finding them the right position, and our compulsory checks mean that we can match the right professionals to the right roles so that all parties are fully confident.

Whether our nurses work on an ad hoc basis or in full time positions, they are constantly supported throughout their working contracts. We make precision and organisation a top priority to ensure that our nurses always have the right information and are never overlooked when it comes to shift work and rotations.

Not only does TNA provide on-going training, and personalised support through our allocated consultants, we also offer an extremely competitive pay package. With nurses in high demand, TNA are looking to fill a number of nursing jobs across the UK. If you are a nurse with a high level of clinical experience looking for part time or full time work, contact us to take the next step in your nursing career.

14 Mar

Becoming a Nurse with TNA Medical is easy…

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At TNA Medical we have one job; making sure our talented candidates get the work they want, when they want it. Whether you are a Doctor looking for permanent work, a Nurse looking for a more temporary position or a HCA looking for the odd shift work, we have a range of positions across the UK and are here to place you in the right role, every time.

We place all types of medical Professional, however we have a special focus on Registered general nurses, A&E nurses, Paediatric nurses, ITU nurses, Community nurses, District nursing, Cath lab nurses and Theatre nurses with regular positions available across these positions.

When it comes to making your application, we provide a personal and efficient service. All of our candidates are interviewed by one of senior staff with clinical experience in that particular field, in order to maintain our high standard of ability and compliance. After the interview you will need to complete the CV application process, covering 10 years of working history, which we offer full support with to make sure that you provide all the necessary information. We check the professional registration of all of our candidates and make sure that every individual has a DBS check, which we pay for as a company.

To make our candidates life even easier, we have a dedicated road team who will visit you at home to collect and check your documents, scan them all in, take your availability and get you ready to work, all in one visit. We also provide continual training to ensure that all TNA employees are fully equipped to handle every situation in the medical profession.

09 Jan

New Year, New Nursing Job


If you are looking for your next challenge in the nursing profession then you have come to the right place. TNA Medical have built strong relationships with a variety of medical bodies and make sure we place the right people with the right skills to the right job every time.

As a TNA medical agency nurse you are provided with on-going career training and development, free DBS checks, fast track registration and you have the flexibility to choose where you work.

We have nursing jobs in the Midlands, North East and across the UK with a range of working hours including shift work across temporary and permanent positions.

Nursing is an extremely rewarding profession that provides new challenges on a daily basis. It offers a flexible working environment and a stimulating career. Nurses are in high demand across the UK, meaning nurses with valuable experience have the ability to work in any chosen location.

A new nursing job brings a new environment and new challenges that are important for career progression. Individual skills and experience are vital to the medical profession in the UK to ensure that patients receive the quality of care they need. TNA nurses provide this level of care and expertise to maintain the high quality of nursing profession in the UK.

10 Dec

The future of Medical Technology

Ergonomische Sitzposition für Chirurgen mit Invertertube® The Invertertube® enables an ergonomically correct seated position for surgeons

Technology has engulfed almost every aspect of our social and professional lives and this has become all the more apparent when it comes to our interaction with it. We can now access almost any service from a simple click and download on our smart phones. Technology in the Medical World has been much more slow moving than in other spheres, due to the intricate data necessary when dealing with patients, but also the ever evident issues with budget cuts and shortages for the NHS. Keeping pace with technology the medical world can see these time consuming chores shortened, freeing up time for vital practical medical work meaning more hours for care and more patients admitted.

All areas of the medical have recently been gaining more speed, with applications for interaction between patient and practitioners as well as advancements in diagnosis and cure. For example, numbers of applications providing medical advice and assistance, such as those dealing with mental health have begun to appear in app stores, 3D printers can now design organs for organ transplants and more surgeries are becoming digitalised with remote consultations are being tried and tested.

A recent article in BBC News drew attention to a technology test run at the Royal Free Hospital in London, which sees the hospital partnering with Google’s Artificial Intelligence arm, DeepMind. This would allow Doctors and Nurses a paper free administration system, which would save a huge amount of precious medical time. As stated by the BBC, the medical professionals would receive ‘breaking news’ style alerts to notify them of any irregularities in patient data, such as blood type, that would be flagged up in the administration process. A far too large percentage of a Doctor’s time is spent on administration, and this is set to solve the problem of too much paperwork in hospitals. Whilst replacing paper administration with technology has already been implemented across a multitude of other businesses as a time solving solution, in the medical world the risk of data breaches and an insufficient budget has slowed them down. Technological advancements will be greatly beneficial to both patient and practitioner in the medical world and as more developments are created, we are likely to see more positive changes happening in the medical world.

09 Nov

How to Write Your Medical CV


In the medical profession, great Nurses and Doctors are constantly in high demand. Yet, as with every profession the ‘great’ are initially handpicked from a pile of CV’s. This is commonly the first point of call for recruiters looking to identify traits, skills and experience of an individual.

For a profession so prevalent with forms, records and paper work the idea of putting pen to paper, or finger to keypad for something else, may be somewhat off putting and easily avoided, however, it is a key part of recruitment that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Your CV needs to set out your knowledge in the form of education or skills, past relevant experience and even convey a sense of your personality.

Writing a Great medical CV takes time, you need to carefully consider everything; from the words and phrases you use to your employment history is detailed and extensive enough. Think about personal life experience and pick out moments of impact, what you learnt and how that relates to the job role.

Most job descriptions will set out the desired qualities that that organisation is looking for and the particular roles of responsibility it requires. Noting these down and then linking them to your own past experience will greatly benefit your CV.

There are also more general points that you can enhance on. If you are considering a career in the medical world then you are most probably hard working, compassionate, great at communicating and calm under pressure. You need to make sure that these traits come out in your CV and application. For example, you can demonstrate positions of responsibility with driving words that identify leadership or convey your compassion through personal experiences that have made an impact on you.

Considering all of these aspects when writing your CV will help yours to stand out from the crowd and help you to secure that dream medical job.