28 Nov

Digital Technology to help prevent Diabetes!

A NEW pilot scheme aimed at preventing diabetes through using digital technology is to be trialled in East Lancashire. Read More

16 Nov

Babylon health the UK’s leading digital health provider!

With technology becoming as accessible as it is today, wouldn’t it be great to put this to a great use? Well guess what, you now can! With the work of a small vibrant company called Babylon located in Chelsea have come up with an application that allows the consumer to access a doctor in minutes! Read More

14 Nov

Virtual Reality is taking it up a notch by helping Medical Training and Treatment!

Surgical Training in Virtual Reality

Shafi Ahmed, co-founder of Virtual Medics and Medical Realities said he wants to be able to train thousands of surgeons at the same time using virtual reality. Read More

10 Nov

200 new nurses have started work at Nottingham hospitals in the last few weeks!

Newly graduated staff have joined experienced teams at Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital after completing their training, they are a mix of home-grown talent and others from other parts of the UK who are attracted to Nottingham’s reputation for nursing and care. Read More

10 Oct

King George hospital staff bring in the new iPad system making patient care more safe and efficient!

Hospital staff at King George Hospital are now using iPads to record patient data instead of paper charts to record and monitor patient’s well-being.

Read More

05 Oct

Care homes are bringing in Virtual Reality adventures for their residents!

The residents at Balhousie care group in Methil are having a variety of experiences without even leaving the comfort of their favourite seat! Read More

28 Sep

Is Worcester university one of the best universities to study nursing? With its popularity and what they have to offer?


Midwifery degree student university of surrey

The nursing students starting at Worcester university will be helping patients in hospitals, GP Surgeries and Clinics across the region.

With 207 Students starting their nursing studies this month as well as 27 midwifery students this is the largest number of nursing students ever.

At the beginning of this year the cap on the amount of nursing and midwifery students which universities could accept was lifted by the government.

During their course at Worcester university they will be working in hospitals and other healthcare settings and after passing all their assignments, the students will then gain a place as a registered nurse with the nursing midwifery council.

The graduate employment rate for Worcester nurses is one of the best in the country at almost 100%

In my opinion I believe this university would be a great idea for anyone looking to take up nursing as not every university make it as part of the course to work in different healthcare settings, I think this is a great way for students to understand how nurses work and the environment and get used to the nurse’s way of work and think they should make this a part of every nursing course.

What’s everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this?

27 Apr

Sugar Cut-down to help health industry


Out of the people admitted to hospital, a large number is due to preventable factors, such as smoking and obesity. Sugar is now a number one concern for health worldwide as consumption is higher than ever with children likely to consume three times more sugar than they should per day. Around one in five children are overweight or obese when they start primary school and by the time they start secondary school that rises to one in three. Sugar leading to obesity has become a global problem but measures are now being put in place to curb it.

The higher consumption of sugar is largely due to the high percentage found in common foods and snacks. In light of this, Public Health England is now challenging the major food companies to reduce the amount of sugar in their snacks. If guidelines to cut 20% of sugar from products are followed, it could lead to a reduction of around 200,000 tonnes of sugar from the UK market by 2020.

Cakes, biscuits, chocolate and sweets, ice cream, puddings, yoghurts and breakfast goods sold by big companies as well as cafes, will have recommended sugar limits for products. This may mean a reduction in size or change in taste to meet targets, although Nestle recently found that a reduction of 10% did not change the taste. Alongside the sugar tax on the UK soft drinks industry, this measure hopes to dramatically reduce the everyday consumption of sugar.

These guidelines will be challenging to enforce and changing attitudes will be a long-term solution but specialists say these measures are essential, not only to the health of individuals within the UK but also to reducing costs and pressures on the NHS and the wider economy.


27 Feb

Brexit and the healthcare industry


A number of medical organisations have warned of the threat that brexit will have on healthcare recruitment services. As the pound plummets, the UK is becoming less attractive to overseas workers and greater restrictions will mean less workers coming in to the UK medical profession.

The organisations warned that overseas recruitment should not be restricted, as the system will struggle with less staff being hired. According to research, EU and overseas medical professionals are essential to healthcare in the UK and without their input some services may be unsustainable.

The medical profession needs more attention paid to recruiting and training within the UK. With the high quality of skills and medical training on offer in the UK, higher levels of incentives are needed to encourage more UK students to take up graduate and postgraduate positions in medical training and continue their careers here.

TNA medical maintain a high standard of recruitment with top professionals in the medical world, in order to secure the right roles for professionals and help the medical world deliver a high level of service. Individuals working within the UK as a nurse or doctor have huge opportunities and potential, and with TNA medical’s agency package, professionals are offered even greater benefits within the UK.