19 Mar

New mobile software that monitors and manages pain levels!

A new mobile software has been designed to help clinicians better monitor and manage pain levels has moved to service evaluation stage in selected NHS trusts in England. Read More

08 Mar

NHS staff walking miles in snow and sleeping in hospitals to care for patients during Storm Emma

NHS Staff walked miles in the snow, sleeping in hospitals to ensure they can continue caring for patients during Storm Emma. Read More

05 Mar

Robots assisted surgeons with knee operation for the first time!

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has carried out its first robotic-assisted total knee replacement operation. Read More

02 Mar

Apple is launching independent healthcare clinics for their employees!

Apple is opening its own dedicated healthcare clinics for employees called AC Wellness. Read More

28 Feb

Is the Beast from the East stopping you from working?

New Cross Hospital appeals to 4×4 drivers to help doctors and nurses get to work in Beast from the East. Read More

26 Feb

Students to learn more skills using technology!

Student nurses should learn more of their skills by practising on dummies, using virtual reality and robots. Read More

21 Feb

Students accepted into NHS Digital Academy!

The first students of the NHS Digital Academy have been chosen! Read More

20 Feb

New and improved mobile cancer care unit!

Salisbury’s mobile chemotherapy unit has had a big makeover.

The state-of-the-art vehicle, based at our district hospital, has been upgraded with the latest equipment thanks to the charity Hope for Tomorrow.

Read More

15 Feb

Mixed Reality headset being used on patients before their operations!

Surgeons at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are using Microsoft’s “mixed reality” headset to look inside patients before they operate on them, in an effort to make procedures safer and more time-efficient. Read More

08 Feb

Health care staff being recognised and rewarded!

Outstanding nurses and midwives could be in the running for new awards launched today to mark 70 years of the NHS. Read More