18 Jul

NHS workers can stay for free at this chain of hotels

A special offer is being made to celebrate 70 years of the National Health Service Read More

06 Apr

NHS launches cancer ‘one-stop shops’ to speed up diagnoses!

Rapid cancer diagnosis centers to be introduced at 10 NHS hospitals

New rapid diagnostic and assessment centers for cancer are being set up in England to try catch and diagnose the disease more quickly. Read More

04 Apr

Nearly 14 million patients across England are now using online GP services.

Patients are using the online GP services to book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and view their records. Read More

19 Mar

New mobile software that monitors and manages pain levels!

A new mobile software has been designed to help clinicians better monitor and manage pain levels has moved to service evaluation stage in selected NHS trusts in England. Read More

08 Mar

NHS staff walking miles in snow and sleeping in hospitals to care for patients during Storm Emma

NHS Staff walked miles in the snow, sleeping in hospitals to ensure they can continue caring for patients during Storm Emma. Read More

05 Mar

Robots assisted surgeons with knee operation for the first time!

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has carried out its first robotic-assisted total knee replacement operation. Read More

02 Mar

Apple is launching independent healthcare clinics for their employees!

Apple is opening its own dedicated healthcare clinics for employees called AC Wellness. Read More

28 Feb

Is the Beast from the East stopping you from working?

New Cross Hospital appeals to 4×4 drivers to help doctors and nurses get to work in Beast from the East. Read More

30 Jan

Apple tech has launched new Health app!

Smartphone giant Apple has launched a new feature on its health app allowing customers to see their medical records on their iPhone. Read More

24 Jan

Bupa has partnered up with HealthTap to develop new healthcare solutions!

The health insurance and private healthcare company hopes to offer a “game changing combination of digital and in-person healthcare” by joining forces with US-based digital health technology business, HealthTap. Read More