Apple is launching independent healthcare clinics for their employees!

2nd March 2018

Apple is opening its own dedicated healthcare clinics for employees called AC Wellness.

Apple isn’t just a tech company as the company is now hiring doctors and other medical staff to create its own medical clinics. The independent medical service is due to open in Spring 2018.

It is believed the clinics will operate independently from Apple but will offer healthcare services dedicated exclusively to Apple employees.

The smartphone giant follows the likes of Amazon, which recently announced that it was teaming up with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to launch its own independent health business

AC Wellness Network believes that having trusting, accessible relationships with our patients, enabled by technology, promotes high-quality care and a unique patient experience.

According to the AC Wellness website, the clinics will offer a “concierge-like” healthcare service for Apple employees with, as one might expect, a strong focus on tech.

Apple will also reportedly use its clinics to test its health services and products, such as its Apple Watch, as it continues to market them to the public at large.