22 Mar

UK’s longest serving nurse has retired after 66 years in NHS.

An 84-year-old nurse has just retired from her job in Devon, after clocking up a 66 years’ service for the NHS – thought to make her the country’s oldest and longest serving member of the profession. Read More

19 Mar

New mobile software that monitors and manages pain levels!

A new mobile software has been designed to help clinicians better monitor and manage pain levels has moved to service evaluation stage in selected NHS trusts in England. Read More

14 Mar

Interested in working in healthcare? Get your apprenticeship now!

The health and care sectors offer a wide range of apprenticeships spanning careers such as nursing, working in a pharmacy, dental nursing, healthcare technician or clinical healthcare support worker. Read More

08 Mar

NHS staff walking miles in snow and sleeping in hospitals to care for patients during Storm Emma

NHS Staff walked miles in the snow, sleeping in hospitals to ensure they can continue caring for patients during Storm Emma. Read More

05 Mar

Robots assisted surgeons with knee operation for the first time!

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has carried out its first robotic-assisted total knee replacement operation. Read More

02 Mar

Apple is launching independent healthcare clinics for their employees!

Apple is opening its own dedicated healthcare clinics for employees called AC Wellness. Read More