31 Jan

NHS and Microsoft Partner up for detection service against cyber attacks!

Microsoft will help NHS Digital protect healthcare organisations from cyber-attacks through a new partnership which makes use of the software giant’s Threat Detection Service. Read More

30 Jan

Apple tech has launched new Health app!

Smartphone giant Apple has launched a new feature on its health app allowing customers to see their medical records on their iPhone. Read More

24 Jan

Bupa has partnered up with HealthTap to develop new healthcare solutions!

The health insurance and private healthcare company hopes to offer a “game changing combination of digital and in-person healthcare” by joining forces with US-based digital health technology business, HealthTap. Read More

23 Jan

Further education and apprenticeships to create new opportunities in Healthcare

Nursing apprenticeships are to be offered by nine further universities in England from September 2018, following a national funding announcement. Read More

22 Jan

Technology to be be brought into the NHS More to help staff.

Technology developers should shadow nurses and other healthcare staff to improve different ways of working. Read More

19 Jan

With the help of Technology there will be no more language barriers!

Communication is really important in healthcare to ensure each patient receives proper care and treatment, Technology is here to help that with no more language barriers Read More

18 Jan

Amazing NHS Discounts!

A lot of people who hold a NHS Badge are still paying full prices when all you have to do is show your badge and you could get some really amazing discounts..

Read More