28 Nov

Digital Technology to help prevent Diabetes!

A NEW pilot scheme aimed at preventing diabetes through using digital technology is to be trialled in East Lancashire. Read More

16 Nov

Babylon health the UK’s leading digital health provider!

With technology becoming as accessible as it is today, wouldn’t it be great to put this to a great use? Well guess what, you now can! With the work of a small vibrant company called Babylon located in Chelsea have come up with an application that allows the consumer to access a doctor in minutes! Read More

14 Nov

Virtual Reality is taking it up a notch by helping Medical Training and Treatment!

Surgical Training in Virtual Reality

Shafi Ahmed, co-founder of Virtual Medics and Medical Realities said he wants to be able to train thousands of surgeons at the same time using virtual reality. Read More

10 Nov

200 new nurses have started work at Nottingham hospitals in the last few weeks!

Newly graduated staff have joined experienced teams at Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital after completing their training, they are a mix of home-grown talent and others from other parts of the UK who are attracted to Nottingham’s reputation for nursing and care. Read More