28 Sep

Is Worcester university one of the best universities to study nursing? With its popularity and what they have to offer?


Midwifery degree student university of surrey

The nursing students starting at Worcester university will be helping patients in hospitals, GP Surgeries and Clinics across the region.

With 207 Students starting their nursing studies this month as well as 27 midwifery students this is the largest number of nursing students ever.

At the beginning of this year the cap on the amount of nursing and midwifery students which universities could accept was lifted by the government.

During their course at Worcester university they will be working in hospitals and other healthcare settings and after passing all their assignments, the students will then gain a place as a registered nurse with the nursing midwifery council.

The graduate employment rate for Worcester nurses is one of the best in the country at almost 100%

In my opinion I believe this university would be a great idea for anyone looking to take up nursing as not every university make it as part of the course to work in different healthcare settings, I think this is a great way for students to understand how nurses work and the environment and get used to the nurse’s way of work and think they should make this a part of every nursing course.

What’s everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this?