14 Mar

Becoming a Nurse with TNA Medical is easy…

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At TNA Medical we have one job; making sure our talented candidates get the work they want, when they want it. Whether you are a Doctor looking for permanent work, a Nurse looking for a more temporary position or a HCA looking for the odd shift work, we have a range of positions across the UK and are here to place you in the right role, every time.

We place all types of medical Professional, however we have a special focus on Registered general nurses, A&E nurses, Paediatric nurses, ITU nurses, Community nurses, District nursing, Cath lab nurses and Theatre nurses with regular positions available across these positions.

When it comes to making your application, we provide a personal and efficient service. All of our candidates are interviewed by one of senior staff with clinical experience in that particular field, in order to maintain our high standard of ability and compliance. After the interview you will need to complete the CV application process, covering 10 years of working history, which we offer full support with to make sure that you provide all the necessary information. We check the professional registration of all of our candidates and make sure that every individual has a DBS check, which we pay for as a company.

To make our candidates life even easier, we have a dedicated road team who will visit you at home to collect and check your documents, scan them all in, take your availability and get you ready to work, all in one visit. We also provide continual training to ensure that all TNA employees are fully equipped to handle every situation in the medical profession.

14 Mar

Involving NHS Staff in STP is Vital to the Future of Health Care


A new report on Sustainability and Transformation plans was published by the King’s Fund this week, highlighting place-based plans and spending for particular areas of the Health and Social care. These plans bring the NHS together with local organisations and services to agree on the future direction of services in specific areas.

It aims to shift the way the NHS delivers its services, with this report focussed on integrated services being necessary to meet the changing needs of the population.

Government is seeing pressure from organisations in the UK over the involvement of NHS staff, Nurses and patients in planned reforms to the health and care system. The report stated that the Government should make increased investment for social care an urgent priority in order for the NHS to be able to meet its aims.

Those challenging the government also say that more attention is needed to ensure that STP’s are developed correctly and with the involvement of all NHS staff. The challenges need to be addressed head on to ensure the success of this immense transformation within the health care system.

There are 44 STP’s in place across areas of the UK, tackling issues including mental health and primary care. After strong lobbying from GP’s about the inclusion of their services, the latest report puts GP’s at the forefront of bringing together primary care, community services and social care. Yet other areas are now lacking the attention they require. Those working in mental health care have now said that not enough has been done to support mental health issues that are becoming more prevalent in society, with staff having been urged to lobby as GP’s did.

In order for these STP’s to work there needs to be strong communication between NHS Staff, nurses and patients as well as strong attention and recognition from the government. All will need to be involved in the reforms to ensure that the delivery of local health and social care is as streamlined and efficient as possible.