27 Feb

Brexit and the healthcare industry


A number of medical organisations have warned of the threat that brexit will have on healthcare recruitment services. As the pound plummets, the UK is becoming less attractive to overseas workers and greater restrictions will mean less workers coming in to the UK medical profession.

The organisations warned that overseas recruitment should not be restricted, as the system will struggle with less staff being hired. According to research, EU and overseas medical professionals are essential to healthcare in the UK and without their input some services may be unsustainable.

The medical profession needs more attention paid to recruiting and training within the UK. With the high quality of skills and medical training on offer in the UK, higher levels of incentives are needed to encourage more UK students to take up graduate and postgraduate positions in medical training and continue their careers here.

TNA medical maintain a high standard of recruitment with top professionals in the medical world, in order to secure the right roles for professionals and help the medical world deliver a high level of service. Individuals working within the UK as a nurse or doctor have huge opportunities and potential, and with TNA medical’s agency package, professionals are offered even greater benefits within the UK.

17 Feb

How to manage shift work


Every experienced Doctor and Nurse will be familiar with the challenges of irregular shift work that comes part and parcel of a medical career.

Out of all the shifts, the long nights cause the most anxiety amongst medical professionals. Whilst these become more bearable with experience, living nocturnally whilst on 12 hour shifts certainly never become easy.

It is important that nurses and doctors learn how to manage their mental and physical states whilst on a night shift, to ensure the safety of their patients and themselves.

Whilst loading up on sleep during the week is an option, it is never wholly realistic in the lead up to the weeklong night shift. Taking naps throughout the day in your bedroom, however, is important to make sure you rest your mind and body.

Organisation is also key, make sure all personal issues are taken care of before your shifts start, allowing you to fully rest, recuperate and sleep during the days away from the hospital.

Getting outside for exercise will help you to be more alert on shift and sleep better when resting, as will eating healthily and regularly.

Your eating habits are also extremely important on shift. Making sure you eat at regular meal times will help with your energy pattern throughout the shift. If you have time to nap, try and get in at least 10 minutes, and always remember to set your alarm.

Night shifts can be challenging, and during the first few days you are likely to have slower response times, this means getting support and help where necessary.

These small tips will help you to be more engaged and alert during your night shift, whilst preparing your mind and body for the challenge.

06 Feb

Need for Nurses in the NHS


Nurses are critical for the care of patients in the NHS, meaning a fall in numbers risks shortages of care in the future of the NHS. Nurses will always be an integral part of medical care, and their presence in the current climate is more important than ever.

Currently there are vast numbers of job openings for nurses across the UK, and this shortage in applicants will see an increasingly higher demand. Progression within the nursing profession is therefore critical and specialist training is paramount to quality of care across the medical profession.

A fall in University Nursing Applications and fewer numbers of European nurses in the UK due to Brexit, mean that nurses are in high demand.

University applications have seen a significant decrease across all subjects, with higher fees introduced and bursaries cut, yet nursing was the area hit the hardest by these numbers. From 2016 to 2017 the number of nursing applicants in the UK fell by 23%. Although the government has said that it expects the numbers to rise after the first year, The Royal College of Nursing has stated that the government needs to consider solutions.

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