31 Jan

Ongoing Training for Nurses and HCA’s with TNA Medical.


Becoming an agency nurse or HCA with TNA Medical comes with a number of unique benefits; from having your own personal consultant finding you the right positions, to receiving pay above the industry average. We are also dedicated to making sure that all of our medical professionals receive on-going training to maintain training records and work at the necessary level of qualifications.

TNA Medical offers training to candidates across a variety of skills and areas such as Health & Safety at Work, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Caldicott Principles, Fire Safety Awareness, Infection Control, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Basic Life Support, Safeguarding (children & adults), Conflict Management and Lone Working. We are committed to our candidates’ skill enhancement and want to ensure that our agency nurses and HCA’s have the experience and knowledge to help them feel confident and able in their selected roles.

These skills and qualifications are essential for the day to day operations of all medical professionals, and they are also critical for career progression. Being able to demonstrate willing and knowledge in specific training areas has the ability to enhance job prospects, making your career move faster.

At TNA Medical we are constantly looking to build on the services and training that we provide and therefore we consider any area our candidates require for training enhancement. We work with our Medical candidates to make sure that they have everything they need to excel in their specific positions so that we can provide a strong team of highly skilled candidates to the medical profession.

24 Jan

Crisis for the NHS?


The latest BBC News report to cover the NHS spoke of a leak in the system revealing an all-time high of patient admission. The report claims that the NHS is in a resource crisis and has been pushed to its limits over the Christmas period.

According to the BBC report, patients experienced extremely long waits in A&E as hospitals struggled with bed shortages. This came after Jeremy Hunt had laid out a four-hour target for A&E, something which he later said may have to be relaxed.

Yesterday Labour challenged the government on the issue of the NHS. Jeremy Corbyn stated that the government was not doing enough to address the issues with the NHS and said that the PM was ‘ignoring the views of medical experts’.

Janet Davies, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), had apparently stated that nurses, who wanted to give the best care they could to their patients, were told to discharge them early too free up beds.

Trusts are certainly struggling and this has nothing to do with the staff working on scene. In fact, what is needed is more great staff filling the NHS to provide the required service and care. Furthermore, more attention needs to be paid from the top in terms of budget allowances and resource management. Hospitals are in desperate need of qualified Doctors and Nurses who are dedicated to the Medical profession and will help the NHS services to maintain their levels of quality and commitment to patients.

09 Jan

New Year, New Nursing Job


If you are looking for your next challenge in the nursing profession then you have come to the right place. TNA Medical have built strong relationships with a variety of medical bodies and make sure we place the right people with the right skills to the right job every time.

As a TNA medical agency nurse you are provided with on-going career training and development, free DBS checks, fast track registration and you have the flexibility to choose where you work.

We have nursing jobs in the Midlands, North East and across the UK with a range of working hours including shift work across temporary and permanent positions.

Nursing is an extremely rewarding profession that provides new challenges on a daily basis. It offers a flexible working environment and a stimulating career. Nurses are in high demand across the UK, meaning nurses with valuable experience have the ability to work in any chosen location.

A new nursing job brings a new environment and new challenges that are important for career progression. Individual skills and experience are vital to the medical profession in the UK to ensure that patients receive the quality of care they need. TNA nurses provide this level of care and expertise to maintain the high quality of nursing profession in the UK.