09 Nov

How to Write Your Medical CV


In the medical profession, great Nurses and Doctors are constantly in high demand. Yet, as with every profession the ‘great’ are initially handpicked from a pile of CV’s. This is commonly the first point of call for recruiters looking to identify traits, skills and experience of an individual.

For a profession so prevalent with forms, records and paper work the idea of putting pen to paper, or finger to keypad for something else, may be somewhat off putting and easily avoided, however, it is a key part of recruitment that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Your CV needs to set out your knowledge in the form of education or skills, past relevant experience and even convey a sense of your personality.

Writing a Great medical CV takes time, you need to carefully consider everything; from the words and phrases you use to your employment history is detailed and extensive enough. Think about personal life experience and pick out moments of impact, what you learnt and how that relates to the job role.

Most job descriptions will set out the desired qualities that that organisation is looking for and the particular roles of responsibility it requires. Noting these down and then linking them to your own past experience will greatly benefit your CV.

There are also more general points that you can enhance on. If you are considering a career in the medical world then you are most probably hard working, compassionate, great at communicating and calm under pressure. You need to make sure that these traits come out in your CV and application. For example, you can demonstrate positions of responsibility with driving words that identify leadership or convey your compassion through personal experiences that have made an impact on you.

Considering all of these aspects when writing your CV will help yours to stand out from the crowd and help you to secure that dream medical job.